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Application Open for Chinese Government Scholarship for Excellent International Students 2015

Dear Students,

The Ministry of Education of China has set up a scholarship to encourage the excellent international degree-seeking students who excel in academic performance and active in various kind activities, to make the best of their study in China. This scholarship is awarded on the merit basis in all aspects with academic one as the priority.
1.Maximum of Candidates from all over Chinese universities: 201

Number that can be recommended by SCNU: 3(not the number finalized  by CSC, applicant need to compete with applicants from all over China)
2.Scholarship value: one-off award of 15,000 RMB Yuan for undergraduate, one-off award of 30,000 RMB Yuan for postgraduate.
3. Requirement:

(1) Undergraduates and Graduates who have studied at SCNU more than one academic year of their corresponding degree program.

(2) Applicant must be excellent in academic performance with strong study and research capacity.

(3) Applicant should possess a positive and friendly attitude to Chinese people and society and recognized as a nice person by public.

(4) Observe the Laws and regulations, physically and mentally healthy.

(5) Take an active part into sports and social practice. Please provide convincing details and examples.

(6) Among the same qualified candidates, application’s financial difficulty will be taken into prior consideration.
4. Application procedure:

(1) Register and submit online application at the CSC application platform by .

(2) Submit the following paperwork to the Office of International Cooperation.

a. The “Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form” downloaded from the first step. Please sign before submit.

b. Transcripts from the start of your program study with the school’s stamp.

c. A recommendation letter with official stamp issued by your school which should include such details as academic performance, research achievement, awards gained during the program study period, record of sports and social practice the applicant has joined, and overall comment. A word file of this recommendation letter should be sent to

d. Other supportive documents such as the award certificates or family financial report, etc.

*Please submit the aforementioned documents to the Office of International Student Administration, 1st floor of International Student Housing before May 22, 2015.

(3) SCNU will select candidates based on the materials submitted, and publish the list of candidate at the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation Website for comments for 3 days.

With acquiescence by majority, the candidate list will be submitted to the Chinese Scholarship Council for final evaluation.

Office of International Exchange and Cooperation.